Fractal 343

September 30, 2006 at 6:01 pm (Blogroll, Fractal, Fractal Art Blogs, Fractalia, fractals)

Fractal 343, originally uploaded by cammi_angel_2004.

I love the way Apophysis generates what look like gemstones and jewelry. As I could never afford such a large, beautiful diamond on my salary (and the hub’s as well), these will have to do!  (By the way – my comment function setting is now corrected.  I welcome any comments you may have related to my work and entries.)


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  1. Jim said,

    Hi Cammi. Just really wanted to say that I love the fractals you’ve posted (and love fractals more generally too). I’m a physicist by trade (well, OK I’ll come clean… I graduate this year, but have a PhD lined up which starts in July) and have studied fractals in the past. I’m particularly taken with this one – which looks like a brilliant diamond… good work there! – and “Experiment 22. The colours in Experiment 22 work really well together I feel and generally just looks good.

    Anyway, I hope you keep posting more fractals as I’ve just bookmarked this page and would love to see more specimens (and how you’ve made them too actually).

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